Ultimate Medical Academy Medical Billing And Coding Program Reviews

UMA was horrible. The online courses were as easy as could be I usually finished my assignments in one day and took the test the next. I graduated 2 years ago and still don't have a job in the medical coding and billing field. No one in my area will hire someone with out a certification but I don't have the extra $350 to take it and I find it pointless to try and take it because I'm sure I won't pass. UMA did nothing to help me find work in PA....
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After being pressured into earning a degree in the first place and then an associate degree, I'm still working at the same job as before only I owe $24000 and counting.After numerous calls to UMA about not receiving my associates degree or anything that even says I earned it, I finally gave up, knowing it would not do me any good anyway. They don't help you find a job like they promise to either. And after going to interviews for a billing and...
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It has been 7 months now since I graduated from the Medical Billing and Coding Course. I maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout the entire program and made the Dean's List every quarter. I do not have any complaint about the courses but, I do have a problem with the harassing phone calls, horrible career services advisors, and potential employers being unimpressed with my education from here. First, UMA Career Services is an absolute joke! In the 2...
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I liked
  • Coursework
I didn't like
  • No employment help
  • Lied to
  • Harassing emails