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I was a online student for this universities, I was so excited to be going back to school, and better for myself and get a better job, this school have lie to me since the day one and threating me that, if I didn't sign up for another student loan I'm not allowed to graduated at all, I was fighting with them almost everyday, just to get them to answer my question about the not wanting to sign up another student loan, seems no one want's to listen to me after every thing that I have went true just to graduate and receive my diploma and have better carrier that something that I'll be proud of it later. now I'm stuck with the student loan with no diploma in my wall............God help me to get them to return that student loan back to federal.

Monetary Loss: $10000.


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I have studied through UMA, acquired my Billing and Coding Diploma, and my AS Degree as promised. I do have student loans but that comes with the territory.

Sandusky, Ohio, United States #1012105

was anybody able to get out of it!!!??!


When you have any issues or concerns make sure you send by email, written letter, or by recording your conversations on the phone. that can save you time and from being hustled.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #782723

I feel so bad for you...I actually signed up for UMA and then called back the very next morning to cancel, as I decided that if I was going to spend that kind of money I would rather go to a school in my area.

They have been calling me ever since and each person I talk to tells me that they are going to "put a note in my file" so that the calls will stop.

However, I find it a bit interesting that every new person I speak with cannot seem to find ANY of these so-called "notes".If it is that hard to unenroll in these online classes, God help those who actually go through with it...

to No More Online Schools #983998

Tell them to put you on DO NOT CALL status in their system.

to No More Online Schools #1038934

I just enrolled yesterday to uma and I'm scared to go through with it I'm thinking about going to a community college in my area somebody please tell me what I should do.

to Anonymous Slidell, Louisiana, United States #1233260

Don't do it!!!! Go to your community college. UMA only gives you 3 credits for this class, and you need 4 credits to be college approved.

to No More Online Schools #1152631

If I jus enrolled, can I still cancel the enrollment agreement?

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1227547

Did you cancel I'm worried as well

to Anonymous #1235274

Could you cancel your enrollment i dont lnow how to do it?

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